The Portuguese Register of Toxicologists 


Registration & Re-registration


Requirements for Registration include:

•  An academic degree (MD, PhD,  MSc, or BSc in a relevant subject)

•  Basic knowledge of the major areas of toxicology.

         There are two routes to meet this requirement:


                 Route 1 is by attendance of appropriate courses

                 Route 2 is by practical experience and on the job training

•  At least 5 years of relevant toxicological experience as seen by published works, confidential reports or assessments

•  Current professional engagement in the practice of toxicology


In order to qualify for Registration, candidates must submit to this national registering body an application dossier containing the following documentation for evaluation (in English):

  1.   An Application and Evaluation Form (online form) and copy of all educational certificates.

2.   Evidence of applied knowledge-based accomplishments during training   

In order to be considered as a candidate for Registration, in addition to basic academic training in science, an individual will have undertaken further theoretical and practical training, and will provide evidence for achievement of the minimum standards.

    A. -  Acquisition of basic theoretical knowledge will be documented by credits/certificates from appropriate courses or equivalent qualification

    B. -  Alternatively, basic theoretical knowledge can be acquired by long-standing experience and on the job training, and will be documented by peer-   reviewed publications, confidential reports, assessments, teaching activities, knowledge-based decision-making or advisory activities, or other achievements, subject to expert opinions.

3.    A motivation letter (2 page limit)

4.    A detailed CV 

  • A CV containing relevant information such as details of scientific education, of position(s) held and of professional activities performed (4 page limit).
  • The applicant must have at least 5 years of relevant toxicological working experience.
  • Practical training and acquisition of hands‐on experience and communication skills must be shown by publications, reports, or assessments, subject to expert opinions.
  • Documentation of academic education before commencing training (entry level knowledge-base). Before starting toxicological training leading to registration an individual will have been educated in a science subject with a relevant link to toxicology such as biomedical sciences, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry, biology, toxicology, food and environmental sciences, agronomy, chemistry. This basic education must be documented by a university degree.

5.   List of relevant publications

6.   Two letters of recommendation 

Expert opinions evaluating the candidate’s knowledge, skills, experience, and professional standing should be provided by two eminent toxicologists who are ERT or are familiar with ERT requirements. They should know the applicant personally as well as his/her background and professional performance. One reviewer, but not both may be from the applicant’s current place of employment. Members of the Portuguese Registration Panel are not elegible as reviewers. Such expert opinions will primarily be requested when the theoretical training in toxicology has been obtained on the job, but may also apply when the submitted documentation of academic education is not sufficient for the Registration Panel to make a decision. 

7.   A non-refundable application fee of 100 € must be submitted with applications for consideration of inclusion in the Register.

Payment details: Sociedade Portuguesa de Farmacologia  /  IBANPT50 0035 2021 00043183930 30  /  BIC SWIFTCGDIPTPL


For registration please fill in the online Application for Registration as Toxicologist.


In order to qualify for re-Registration, candidates must submit to this a national registering body (in English):

1.   Copy of the original registration submitted by this national registry.

2.   A CV containing relevant information such as details of scientific education, of post(s) held and of professional activities performed during the past 5-year period of registration. (4 page limit).

3.   Confirmation of professional toxicological activity in responsible position by evidence such as list of internal studies (with information on numbers, topics, methods used, branch of customers), list of publications, employment references, delegation into expert committees, teaching and mentoring.

4.   Documentation of continued professional awareness and education in Toxicology such as yearly attendance of educational courses and meetings, presentation of lectures or posters, teaching activities, publications, activities in expert committees and similar. These activities will comprise at least five working days per year.

A re-registration application must be submitted at least 6 months before renewal date with applications by e-mail to the Secretariat. A non-refundable application fee of 50€ must be submitted with applications.